Protect Miller-Knox Shoreline Access

Stop BNSF. Don’t Let Them Railroad Our Community!

Join Former Congressman George Miller on Tuesday at Richmond City Hall to Speak Out Against the Plan!  RSVP HERE

Speak Out Against the Plan on Tuesday

The Richmond City Council will be voting on a resolution to oppose BNSF Railway’s plan to run a train through Miller-Knox Park. Join us at the meeting and tell the Richmond City Council why you're opposing this plan!

May 21, 2019 at 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Richmond City Council Chambers
440 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond, CA

BNSF's Diesel Trains Will Have Serious Impacts on the Community and the Environment:

  • Diesel trains will cut off community access to the shoreline and much of the Bay Trail.
  • Diesel trains will increase harmful emissions, making the park unsafe for many residents already facing higher risks of asthma.
  • Running trains through a heavily-used park will create serious safety hazards for young children and hikers enjoying the open space.
  • Families rely on the park to enjoy the San Francisco Bay Shoreline.

Join John H. Knox, Congressman George Miller (ret.) and the Community Coalition to Protect Miller-Knox Park

How You Can Help:

  • Sign the online petition to oppose BNSF's efforts to block our communities’ access to the San Francisco Bay.
  • Support our efforts to get the City of Richmond and Contra Costa County to pass resolutions to oppose BNSF's public land grab.
  • Ask your neighborhood groups, homeowners associations and other community groups to oppose BNSF’s plan.

Will you sign?